Make It Happen
We Can Make It Happen!
Publisher: Kidzpoetz Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9760220-3-9
Author: Jane Taubenfeld Cohen & Bea Taubenfeld
Price: $14.95
Estimated First Printing: 3,000 Copies

Binding: Trade Cloth
Estimated Pub Date: December 2006
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Dear Family and Friends:

When my husband, David, lost his battle with a brain tumor almost three years ago, many people wondered why? How could this happen to someone so young, so vibrant, so special? The answer of course, is that there is no answer. But there was another question that was asked with equal passion, and that was "what can we do now?" That question does have an answer, and YOU can make it happen.

On Sunday, September 28th the Third Annual "Have A Chance Walk" will take place in lower Manhattan, and will benefit Have a Chance and the Brain Tumor Society. I am the team captain, and this is your personal invitation to join our team, named "Make It Happen". Come together with a team of people from all parts of David's life, for a day of fun, friendship, memories and above all, doing a good deed. Join the many people who loved David, and who, again, want to do something meaningful in his honor. We will be raising money to make a difference in the fight against brain tumors. As brain tumor research and treatments receive among the lowest amounts of federal funding, your support is essential to allow this important work to continue.

Here are the different possible ways you can get involved:
  • Join our team as a participant and raise money (even if you can't make it the day of the event)
  • Become a volunteer at the event and raise money

We have a chance to change the course of the lives of people who are suffering from brain tumors right now, and those who have yet to be diagnosed. Won't you please join me, ask your friends to walk with us, or give generously. Additionally, please forward this email on to everyone you know – all are welcome. Now is the time, the time to make it happen. I look forward to seeing you on September 28th.

With many thanks,


Kidzpoetz Publishing announces the release of the We Can Make It Happen! book, the sister publication of Make It Happen: The Inspirational Story Of David Taubenfeld which is due to publish in 2007.

We Can Make It Happen! takes a look at a man named David Taubenfeld that lived an extraordinary life and the way he lived continues to positively affect people's lives even after his tragic and untimely death. Written by his sister Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and illustrated by mom Bea Taubenfeld, together they creatively express stories from his life that include his mission to make people laugh, visit the lonely, encourage the sick and even make people smile with his juggling. In stores Monday, December 4th 2006, We Can Make It Happen!, will forever be noticed for sharing the joyous and thought-provoking life of David Taubenfeld.

Jane's writing brings a child-like view that shows the generous side of humanity through stories of an ordinary man. The acutely insightful, We Can Make It Happen!, will prove irresistible to those who recognize themselves in its pages or to those who strive to do more for others in their lifetime. The legacy of David Taubenfeld began in Caldwell, NJ, when even as a child, he reached out to others and was known for his escapades. Besides his work in the produce business, in his free time, he was active with his local synagogue and did volunteer work that included visiting mentally handicapped adults and juggling to entertain cancer patients. In October 2005, he died after a struggle with a brain tumor and his sister and mother wrote this book to capture on paper the inspiration.

Jane states, "I think the world would be a better place if there were more people like my brother."
Two pallets (60 cases x 50 books) of "fresh off the press" We Can Make It Happen! arrive in New Jersey.
As a prelude to the future publication of Make It Happen, the authors and publisher hope that the reader will also benefit from its inspirational message. Please see our Excerpts page for more details on this wonderful book.

A pre-publication offer for We Can Make It Happen is now available. Click here for more information. Pre-publication copies will ship in late September/early October. After publication (December 2006), this book will only be available through bookstores. Special book signings by the authors are scheduled after publication. Those future dates will post here when they become available.

(Estimated Pub Date: 2007)
David Taubenfeld was diagnosed with a brain tumor in July 2001. His fight went beyond the expertise of the best doctors in the world. It began in his soul where there was no cancer. His dedication to performing good deeds (mitzvot) for others was an inspiration to the thousands whom he touched.

Make It Happen: The Inspirational Story Of David Taubenfeld is his story. His poignant words, directly from his journal and speeches, and the words of those who loved him, create a book that will be read and reread by those who are interested in becoming a little bit better and making the world a better place.

"We are long accustomed to the idea that a saint and a holy man is someone long ago and far away. But to have one who lived and worked among us is not within our normal experience and yet, for thirty-eight years, it was the life and career of David Taubenfeld. He was clearly and without a doubt a holy man who tried to live by the highest moral standards. He proved that it was possible to be one of us and yet far, far beyond our normal standards. I have not the slightest doubt that in the years to come his memory and his legend will grow and that generations to come will be inspired by the tales about him that will be told."

The words of Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg,
as read at David's funeral; October 20, 2005

David Taubenfeld, from Closter, New Jersey, was active in his community, particularly with Temple Emanu-el, the Berrie Home, and Gilda's club where he often juggled for other cancer patients.

More details to come.

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