We Can Make It Happen
Webmaster's Note: The following is from We Can Make It Happen, the sister publication to Make It Happen: The Inspirational Story Of David Taubenfeld. It is a double-edged sword of both story-telling and healing. As a prelude to the future publication of Make It Happen, the authors and publisher hope that the reader will also benefit from its inspirational message.

We Can Make It Happen!
Publisher: Kidzpoetz Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9760220-3-9
Author: Jane Taubenfeld Cohen & Bea Taubenfeld
Price: $14.95
Estimated First Printing: 3,000 Copies

Binding: Trade Cloth
Estimated Pub Date: December 2006
Pre-Publication Inquiries: info@kidzpoetz.com
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The death of an extraordinary man inspires others to live as he did, caring for the sick, making people smile, and enjoying life. This book is written for children and grown ups who have suffered a loss, as a book of hope, and for those who have not suffered a loss, who simply can learn from the actions of this man to make every day count. Through the words, the illustrations, and even the colors, the reader understands that We Can Make It Happen! is—or could be—about all of us.

Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and her mother, Bea Taubenfeld, set out to tell the story of David Taubenfeld, brother and son, in a way that everyone can understand. This book is part of the healing process, with the direct inspiration from David’s spirit, love of life, and unbelievable ability to make everyone feel special. Proceeds from the book will be given to the David Taubenfeld Scholarship Fund at the South Area Solomon Schechter Day School, in Massachusetts, where Jane is the Head of School.

Written by Jane Taubenfeld Cohen
Illustrated by Bea Taubenfeld
Book design by Marilyn Rose
Published by
Kidzpoetz Publishing

"We Can Make It Happen deals factually with the emotions a child would feel but then offers ideas of how to take actions to help deal with the emotions in a positive way."

— Dr. Barbara Irwin
School Psychologist

"I am in awe of the poignancy of this book, both as a vehicle for helping young children deal with the loss of a loved one, and as a tribute to a remarkable man. The text and illustrations are a striking complement to one another, enhanced by the richly beautiful colors that bring the message to life. The creators were divinely inspired to ‘make it happen’ and thus, will inspire readers young and old to carry on the legacy of their loved ones through actions and good deeds."

—Sandi Morgan
Admissions Director

"This beautifully written book with its gentle text and illustrations tells the story of one incredible man, but it reaches far beyond that as it invites each one of us to imagine how we too can ‘make things happen’ and make our world a better place. Children of all ages will appreciate the honest, straightforward portrayal of the sad feelings when a special person dies, as well as the many inspiring examples of ways that ordinary people can make others happy and even change the world."

—Shira Horowitz
First Grade Teacher

Future excerpts from Make It Happen: The Inspirational Story Of David Taubenfeld are forthcoming. Please bookmark this page and check back soon.

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